I am a textile artist with a mixed media art background. Over time I have come to work within two main disciplines , two dimensional textile works and figurative soft sculptures (often called Art Dolls)

At first it may seem that these two areas of working are quite disparate, yet the two do overlap. The hand dyed or printed fabric used in a two dimensional piece, may also be used in the construction or clothing of a figure, or I may work to a similar theme in both cases.

My interest lies with the natural world, primarily landscape, birds and insects. I live in the Suffolk countryside, close to the coast, so this has a large impact on my work.

Although the components of my work are the same, I use papers, paint, threads, print, natural dye, rust dye, eco print and stitch, my approach to each discipline is different.

The figures I make have a direct line of thought, they are constructed and develop with the use of any medium or ‘prop’ to get the idea across. I like my figures to convey a story, usually of a dark and humorous nature.

My two dimensional work is mainly landscape based and where my figures are more direct representations, the landscapes are more studied and contemplative. My work process in this case is more organic, I like to work in a more intuitive way, allowing the dyed or printed fabrics dictate how they want to be pieced together, the marks on the fabric informing me how or where the stitches are applied. I love hand stitching and use various weights of thread to anchor the work, fill spaces, shade or convey natural forms.

I am a member of the textile group Running With Scissors and of Running Stitch.